Real Food Lifestyle and Holistic Healing
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  • Congrats to my dear friends Andrew and Zach for tying the knot. Your wedding rocked! To many years of love and happiness! @andrewsartory @zachbulls #underthejasminetree #springwedding #therainstopped #lifetimeoflove #madeforeachother
  • And 2 hours later...the garden has lights! I do turn them off as plants need darkness too but it is so fun to have the garden all lit up for a bit in the evening. Can we say garden obsessed?! I will admit, I do have addictions. To essential oils, to smelling freshly ground spices like cumin, nutmeg, coriander and vanilla bean my garden. It’s just so damn amazing. Plus how totally awesome to eat what you grow. Nothing better than total life force fresh food. I am already scheming about how to grow more so I can mostly eat veggies from the garden and not have to buy them anymore. My new challenge.  #ocg #obsessivecompulsivegardener #lightscameragarden #gardenorbust #cantgetenough #freshfood #miracleoflife #growing #eveninglight #thelife #proudgardener #mommaofveggies #plantveggies #grownutrition
  • Flowers of the garden. The first pic is an eggplant leaf so not officially a flower but so beautiful! The other flowers are gazinias, marigolds and ...forgot the name of the last ones but they are little beauties! First year to plant flowers all throughout my vegetables. Not only does it make for a more gorgeous garden but they help attract butterflies and beneficial insects and keep the not so great ones away. There is a sense of magic the garden bestows upon me. It’s an ever changing wonderland. .#springgarden #flowers #marigolds #eggplant #gazinias #growingfood #growingflowers #gardenmagic
  • And here they come...the summer squash. Happy dance!!!! Can’t wait to eat so very many zucchini’s and yellow crook necks. My favorite veggie. Yippee!! #springgarden #atxgarden #realfood #thankyousun #thankyourain #thankyousoil #summersquash #gardening
  • Admiring my new and improved beautiful spring garden. New cedar posts, a new garden gate, added compost and nutrient dense Geo Grower soil, and new organic veggies and flowers. Summer squash is days away from being ready to pick! And eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, strawberries, cucumbers, chard, marigolds and all kinds of culinary herbs are on their way. So rewarding to walk out and pick food and eat it within minutes! Thanks to my amazing friend @elizabethpaigedunlap for 17+ hours of help! And to the incredible hard working @ronguillermobanuelos for putting up a new gate and for donating your muscles too! #gardening #growyourownfood #takebackyourpower #takehealthintoyourownhands #nutrientdense #soulnourished #centraltexasgardener #atx #austintexas #eatyourgreens
  • My beautiful office where lives change and realign to a healthier, happier more balanced existence.  Without fail when my clients step into my office they take a sigh of relief and begin to breath deeper. I am so blessed to do work that brings me joy and fulfillment. If you are looking for support with holistic fertility, hormone balancing and healing your relationship with food, send me a message. I have room for 4 new clients. Happy Spring!
  • My fermentation station...1 gallon of fresh raw coconut water kefir, coconut milk kefir and cultured veggies. Yes, it takes extra time and effort to make these powerful probiotic foods but it is so worth it!! I drove up north to get 2 cases of Thai coconuts from the Asian grocery. 1.99 each vs 5.00 at any health food store. With a coco jack it’s easy to crack open 10 or so in a short time. My belly thanks me when I consume these foods daily. 1 ounce of fermented foods with a meal adds so much beneficial bacteria, vitamins and enzymes that enhances digestion and reduces gas, belching, bloating and continues to inoculate your microbiome with the good guys. No matter what diet you eat - paleo, Keto, vegan, etc, everyone can benefit immensely from cultured foods. Improve your energy, vitality, and well being - get cultured!