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  • Another gorgeous sunset from the Texas Hill Country. I’ve been to many amazing places on this planet and have seen many a sunset. Some of the best ones are right here where I live in central Texas. Thank you Pacha Mamma!
  • More gorgeous veggies from Gray Gardens at the Barton Creek farmers market. Does it get any better than this?! Romesco and purple cauliflower. Stunning!
  • I am honored to be the featured chef of the month for December for US Wellness. They featured 3 of my recipes: Apple Cider Vinegar Short Ribs with Honey Ginger Glaze, Paleo Shepherds Pie with Cauliflower Mashers, and a Hearty Winter Beef Stew! If you are looking for quality grass-fed and pasture raised meat, US Wellness is one of the best!
  • My garden has been taken over by a forest of these beautiful mustard greens. And though they are called greens, I think they should be called “purples”. My favorite way to eat mustards is to steam them for about 7 minutes and then toss them with nutmeg and cream. Such a good combo! Get your greens on, oh, I mean purples! #purple #greens  #mustards #garden #geogrowers #nutrientdensesoil #nutrientdensefood #yum
  • I know, you’ve seen it all before but I just couldn’t help taking more pictures of beautiful vegetables. Featured here are purple daikon, pink turnips, and white turnips. Aren’t those colors gorgeous? Thank you JBG at the Barton Creek Farmers Market. Happy Solstice! #purpledaikon #pinkturnips #whiteturnips #farmersmarket #freshfood #realfood #vitality #winterveggies #highlifeforce #thankyou #jbg
  • Nothing better than home grown greens from the garden. I have a whole newfound respect for lettuces as these beauties were covered with frost a couple days ago and now they are back in prime condition. It’s so wonderful to walk down to the garden, pick some lovely greens grown in rich soil and eat them a few minutes later. #thankyoulife #thankyougarden #geogrowers #goodsoil #greens #lettuce #arugula #heirloom #thelife #instanteating #fallgarden #centraltexasgardening #nutrientdensefood
  • Ziggy Butters does something to make me laugh out loud at least once a day including this Thursday when he jumped up on the outside of the kitchen sink window and peered in over the meditating cat. Thanks for the constant amusement Mr Butters. #cantstoplaughing #cats #catsofinstagram #meditatingkitties #keepsmesmiling #ziggybutters