Real Food Lifestyle and Holistic Healing
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  • I used to live on the Big Island of Hawaii 15 years ago on this property and actually sold Macadamia nuts at this stand along with whatever other fruit fell to the ground that day including mangos, papayas, avocados, bananas, etc. How amazing this stand is still standing :)) My rent was always paid thanks to all the fruits of the land. What an experience to come back here! It’s helped me to notice a theme in my life which is I have often lived in very far out of the way places and I still do but another consistent theme...I have always lived in extremely beautiful places. I am definitely a follower of beauty! Thank you Hawaii for your indescribable beauty! Aloha! #hawaii #bigisland #beautyfollower #aloha
  • Ylang of my favorite essential oils and I finally got to meet this heavenly smelling flower face to face. Her aroma wafted through the beautiful retreat center where I stayed in Hawaii for all the days I was there. This was a flower high up on a tall tree. It’s known for opening the heart. It definitely did mine. #bliss #heavenlysmell #ylangylang #flowersofhawaii #myhappyplace #lifecoachtraining #uhmazing #heartopener
  • My sister and me in Hawaii! It’s her first day in Hawaii ever. I took her snorkeling right away in Kealakekua Bay and then to a Luau. This island has so  much soothing feminine energy. Its very healing and so easy to feel happy and relaxed here. Can I maintain this when I go back to the mainland? People tend to drive very slow here and if you don’t slow down too, you will go a bit nuts. My sister and I have agreed to support each other in not rushing at all while we are here and to catch ourselves or each other if we start to rush. Being here reminds me of how much I rush all the time in my regular life and how much unnecessary stress it creates, how it makes me clench my stomach and tighten my breathing. I’ve decided to eliminate the word “hurry” from my vocabulary this week. Very UnAmerican, I know. How do you practice slowing down even if it means you don’t go the pace as everyone else around you? @lyndie1946 #hawaii #hawaiilife #hangloose #alohavibes #slowdown #slowdownchallenge #howslowcanwego #inthemoment
  • Oh, is that for me? Thank you, I would love some star fruit! #hawaiiangecko #starfruit #yesplease
  • Hawaii...the land of abundance. Fruit growing everywhere. I used to live here and it feels strange and good to be back 15 years later. Soaking in the mana. #starfruit #lilikoi #passionfruit, #bananas #papaya #noni #coconuts #avocados #citrus #macadamia #wildforaging #tropicalliving #livelocal #wildroosterseverywhere #eatrealfood #mana
  • Hell yes I eat red meat and I enjoy every bite. Vegan propaganda has infiltrated our society and along with it so many that question the life enhancing benefits of eating animals. In case you don’t know, please let me remind you that we as humans would not be here today if our ancestors suddenly decided to stop eating animals. Animal foods are not only the most important foods for our existence, their nutrients are essential for our survival and continued procreation. If only I could take back the 3 years of being vegan and vegetarian when I was in my early twenties. I didn’t do it because my body wanted me to eat that way but because of an “idea” I heard. A philosophy. That idea and philosophy depleted me deeply and it took me years to recover from. Now I am more grateful than ever for the high quality meat I eat. It gives me life, sustains me and nourishes me more than I ever experienced being a vegetarian. You can say yes to being a part of the cycle of life and have an honoring and respectful relationship with animals you depend upon or else step out of that cycle...but at what detriment to yourself? And the planet? #grassfedsteak #caulimashers #grilledasparagus #westonprice #paleo #keto #nourish #lifeforce #sustain
  • Yes, there are a few cool spots in Texas. I found this beautiful grotto this morning while wandering around the Zilker Botanical Gardens. As I have simplified my life immensely, I now have more space for moments like this. #beauty #nature #silence #gratitude