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  • Lobster of my most delicious culinary creations to date! Some of my best cooking happens when I travel. Something about getting to cook with new and unusual ingredients and having to be creative with what you have. This scrumptious chowder was a result of the “night of lobster” and the leftover meat from the 3rd lobster. I made a beautiful broth from 3 leftover lobster carcasses and 10 scallop shells. It was a gorgeous shade of orange and provided an incredible base flavor for this soup. To make this chowder: sauté in butter diced onion and potato (I used Kennebeck potatoes from Maine - deep purple and amazing), add lobster broth and bring to a low simmer. Meanwhile, cook up an Italian sausage link or two and slice into 1 inch slices. Add leftover lobster meat and sausage slices to the pot. Add a bit of cream and sherry if you have it. Saffron would make this heavenly but I could find none in all of Nova Scotia and this was still amazing. Simmer another 1 minute and season with salt and pepper. Top with a few drops of truffle oil if you have (I did find that in Halifax ). Enjoy the heavenly bliss while you eat this amazing bowl of goodness! #lobsterchowder #lobster #novascotia #chowder #broth #blissinabowl #yummy #heavenly #amazing #maynevermakeagain
  • Adventures in Nova Scotia. We’ve been trying to find some good seafood while here and have heard that we have to go find this man named Bud which you can only reach by boat or dirt road between 4:00-4:30pm. Even though it was pouring rain, we found his lobster pound (where he sells lobster) and found ourselves there at exactly 4:11pm. There comes Bud who is a Nova Scotian to the core with an accent to boot! We bought 3 live lobsters and 4 pounds of fresh scallops. Now comes the slaying, preparing, cooking and eating part. After watching countless videos on how to kill and cook lobsters (and scallops) we are finally ready. I provided moral support while Ron cut open the lower half of the lobster after we both prayed over them and gave lots of gratitude. Then we poured over some garlic butter and placed on the grill face side up for about 15 min. The scallops we opened with a fish knife and cut out the strange connective tissue bits and grilled the same way with a bit of white wine, garlic butter, bacon and onions. Scallops look so different when you get then fresh than in the store. The beauty of getting them fresh if you also get the roe. The result, so delicious!!! Nutrient dense eating at its best! I feel so satisfied. Thank you for this fresh sea life. Real food isn’t easy to come by but rewards one in so many ways - with deep sustaining life force nutrition, mental clarity, physical power and a connection to the land and sea. Thank you Nova Scotia for sharing your gifts!
  • Turn up your volume and cool off with a peaceful rainstorm from Nova Scotia. Greetings from Chester, NS where the locals are freakin out from what they consider to be a heat wave of 85 degrees! We just went to see a guy about some lobster and are now watching videos on how to cook them. If you’ve got any tips, please share. Killing and cooking lobster is a bit out of my comfort zone even though I have cooked all kinds of stuff....but when in Nova Scotia, one must eat lobster. #novascotia #summerrainstorm #freshlobster #peaceful #whatsfordinner #lobster
  • Blueberries, lobsta, and more blueberries. I love finding a giant tub of wild blueberries for $6.00. Now to eat them all before crossing the border. Love ya, Maine. #barharbor #blueberries #wildblueberries #coolweather #summerinmaine #andontonovascotia #canadaherewecome #yum
  • I have been going through the very intense and also exhilarating process of “tidying up” my house. It all started with reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Mari Kondo 3 years ago. I started the process at that time and cleaned out much of what I owned but didn’t finish nor did I do the process in order. This time I hired a certified coach @sparkjoytidying who came to my house and inspired me to keep going and tidy up every single space in my house until I completed the job. She wouldn’t work with me unless I committed. I have committed to seeing this process through as I long to live in a clear, spacious, clutter free home with less freaking stuff that’s easy to clean. Since beginning this process, I have completed my bedroom and closet, 2 bathrooms, guest bedroom, living room, books and most of my office. Today I tackled books. The process involves taking all the books out of the shelves and placing them on the floor or table. Then you hold each one to see if it sparks joy. I got rid of about a 1/3 of this stack. I have already done 2 big book purges in the last couple of years so I didn’t have that many to let go of but I still had a big stack to give away. It feels so good to let go of books I have had for years but haven’t read or no longer resonate with. It’s also releasing an identity as I identified as being one who has lots of books. As one who collects and holds onto books. Every time I moved, the books I carried with me from place to place took up a lot of space and weight and were so burdensome to move. Now I release that identity. It creates space which makes me feel so much mental peace. It is quite amazing. How many of you have done this method? It’s so powerful. Now to complete my office and work on the kitchen, pantry, spa room and laundry room. #tidyingup #clutterclearing #releasing #lettinggo #marikondo #lifechangingmagic #mentalpeace #peacemind #creatingspace #freedom #lettinggoofstuff
  • Gardening with Ziggy. Every time I go down to the garden, Ziggy bounds down the steps to follow me and rolls around all over the place while I water and prune and pick tomatoes. He is the best teacher I’ve ever had in modeling total relaxation, fun and not taking life quite so seriously. Thank you Ziggy Butters. Momma loves you (I tell him this every night before bed)! #gardeningwithcats #kittylove #totalrelaxation #nature #garden #earthbath #mycatlovesdirt #andtomatoes #ziggy #ziggybutters
  • The making of Cauli mashers. I’ve been making Cauliflower mashers long before they were popular. I first had them at a restaurant in Grand Tetons National Park. The kind that usually has horrible food but actually had a chef that knew what he was doing. Anyways, that’s been 15 years and I’ve been making them ever since. Here’s my method. So simple. 1. Get a steamer set up going. 2 Wash and roughly chop up your organic cauliflower and place chunks into the steamer. Allow to steam for 10 min. Cauliflower chunks should be tender when poked with a knife. 3. In a Vitamix, blend 1/2-1 package of Kerrigold butter + 1.5 teaspoon of truffle salt (or just regular good salt) + about 10 grinds of fresh black pepper with steamed cauliflower. Use tamper to help achieve a smooth consistency. This will only take about 30 seconds. If you don’t have a blender, you can also use a fork, a whisk or a potato masher to make a whipped consistency but the blender will create the smoothest, silkiest texture. There are other things you can do to create variations but this tried and true simple recipe is the best! Also, I find Truffles go extraordinarily well with cauliflower. The next day, I pour my leftovers in a pot, mix in some bone broth,
stir it up and make Cream of Cauliflower Soup. It’s heavenly! I know it’s out of season, but what the hay! Tonight I had this with a steak from @uswellnessmeats and some fresh garden tomatoes. So delish!!#cauliflower #whoknew #steam #puree #eat #tastesdelicious #truffles #nutrientdense #feelsgood