Real Food Lifestyle and Holistic Healing
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  • My beautiful office where lives change and realign to a healthier, happier more balanced existence.  Without fail when my clients step into my office they take a sigh of relief and begin to breath deeper. I am so blessed to do work that brings me joy and fulfillment. If you are looking for support with holistic fertility, hormone balancing and healing your relationship with food, send me a message. I have room for 4 new clients. Happy Spring!
  • My fermentation station...1 gallon of fresh raw coconut water kefir, coconut milk kefir and cultured veggies. Yes, it takes extra time and effort to make these powerful probiotic foods but it is so worth it!! I drove up north to get 2 cases of Thai coconuts from the Asian grocery. 1.99 each vs 5.00 at any health food store. With a coco jack it’s easy to crack open 10 or so in a short time. My belly thanks me when I consume these foods daily. 1 ounce of fermented foods with a meal adds so much beneficial bacteria, vitamins and enzymes that enhances digestion and reduces gas, belching, bloating and continues to inoculate your microbiome with the good guys. No matter what diet you eat - paleo, Keto, vegan, etc, everyone can benefit immensely from cultured foods. Improve your energy, vitality, and well being - get cultured!
  • Yes, I will admit it, I am partially responsible for the baby octopus demise in Tulum, Mexico because I ate 4 of them (or parts of them) while on my trip. I am a pretty open minded eater. I once dreamed of being a food critic when I was younger but the idea of eating octopus, well, I thought, I guess I just can’t do that job if that’s one of the requirements. How very wrong I was! One fateful trip to Tulum 8 years ago, a handsome waiter, a romantic candle lit restaurant with wood fire cooking, oh, and there may have been some Mezcal involved too, Octupus, aka Pulpo came into my life and has never left. It’s one of my favorite foods EVER and I eat it every chance I get ...assuming it’s cooked over wood fire. I’m a fan of ceviche made with Pulpo too. Thanks to Heartwood, you now impossibly and annoying hard to ever get into again restaurant for enlightening me to the pleasures of Pulpo. And this picture came from Kitchen Table, a new Farm to Table restaurant on the scene that uses ingredients from the Yucatán. Thanks for the kitchen tour. Loved every minute of it!
  • You know you live in a cool neighborhood when one of your neighbors builds a little book exchange in front of their house. Leave a book, take a book. There is quite a good collection going. When the world feels huge and overwhelming I am reminded that community is happening in all kinds of small and hidden ways all around us.
  • I just got back from a trip and surprise, there was a broccoli head big enough to eat in the garden. Yippee! Freshly grown and Picked and eaten within 15 minutes. I am not a particularly amazing gardener though I have been attempting gardening for 20 years. The broccoli usually never works out due to those darn cabbage moths and wild temperature fluctuations but this year all the stars aligned and before you know it, here was this gorgeous head of green saying eat me, eat me. Here is what I notice when I eat food I have grown. I don’t waste a scrap of it unlike store bought veggies than may sometimes end up mushy in the back of my crisper drawer, I cook it carefully instead of possibly forgetting about it, and I enjoy every morsel! My go to method for cooking broccoli is simply steaming and then adding lots of butter. So good!
  • Another gorgeous sunset from the Texas Hill Country. I’ve been to many amazing places on this planet and have seen many a sunset. Some of the best ones are right here where I live in central Texas. Thank you Pacha Mamma!
  • More gorgeous veggies from Gray Gardens at the Barton Creek farmers market. Does it get any better than this?! Romesco and purple cauliflower. Stunning!