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  • Leek flowers....I am always amazed at what plants create that you never see if you don’t grow your own food. For example, bok choy grows this one gorgeous little purple flower before it goes to seed. These leeks that have been in the ground since winter and going out with a bang with these stunning silver flowers. My Swiss chard is flowering with this 6 foot tall shoot. Only part of the delight is in eating the fruits of my labor. The other is in watching, observing and witnessing the magic of it all. #spring #garden #leeks #goingtoseed #floweringonion #organic #geogrowers #nutrientdense #realfood #fresh #beauty #bees #naturalgardener #gratefulforspring
  • So excited these beauties appeared everywhere on my land just recently. Spring is heaven here in the Texas Hill Country. So grateful for the abundance that nature pours forth. It is a true feast for the eyes! #wildflowers #grateful #feastfortheeyes #nature #color #abundance #sunset #hillcountry
  • We had quite the huge rain storm in the Texas Hill Country this morning. A thousand lightening strikes in one hour! I have fond memories of watching the rain with my dad when I was a kid. He would open up all the windows and let that fine rain scent come in. I didn’t know until I lived in other places that not everywhere has giant rain storms with thunder and lightening. Grateful for the storm and for a warm, safe place to be in it! #texasstorms #lightening #thunder #rain #gratefulfortherain #springshowersbringmayflowers #happygarden
  • Can anybody guess what these white clouds of culinary bliss are that are about to go into the oven? I’ll give you a hint. They melt in your mouth after being cooked for just a bit and yielded me a whole pint of awesome rendered fat to cook with. Guesses anyone? #meltinyourmouth #heavenlybites #satisfiedforhours #healingfats #nourished #richinvitd #pastureraised #locallyfarmed #texasraised #delicious
  • I have always said I am not an artist but I think that’s not true. I am a food artist. My art delights the senses and taste and nourishes, it just doesn’t stick around long. I served this dessert last night at a dinner party I cooked for for 7 cool ladies. They were all CEO’s. The conversation was very interesting. My Key Lime Pie never fails me. Did you know regular key lime pie is made with sweetened condensed milk which is one of the most dead and horrible products you can ever put in your body? This recipe is made only with wholesome ingredients and its base is avocado. Recipe on #keylimepie #thebest #ever #foodart #myartgetseaten #nourish #delight #makehappy
  • I love creating big beautiful salads. I found these gorgeous greens at the farmers market yesterday and topped them with finely chopped scallions, thinly sliced carrots and cucumbers, toasted pecans, edible flowers  and served with my shallot herb vinaigrette. #afeastfortheeyes #ilovesalad #ilovecolor #ilovefood
  • Fill up the freezer Friday! I made about 90 little 8oz jars of meals to fill up my freezer. My motto is cook smarter, not harder! Take a few hours to do some batch cooking and have meals for a month or more. My biggest challenge is making time to make a lunch to take to the office. I make a mean breakfast and dinner. Somehow it feels hard to also fit a lunch in there as well. I work up quite an appetite while talking about food with my nutrition clients. Too many times do I go to Taco Deli down the road which I love but I also want something more wholesome. The key for me is these made ahead meals that will last me for a couple of months. My little creations are 1) Taco Casserole with Grassfed Ground Beef over Cauliflower “Rice” with Pico and Jalapeño Cream Cheese from Kite Hill, 2) Shrimp Scampi over zoodles, 3) Asparagus and Summer Squash with Butter with Pan Seared Steak. I also made little jars of roasted veggies. Great for taking to the office and grabbing for a quick meal when you have nothing else planned. Just use 8 ounce jelly jars, fill with your favorite meals, label and date and freeze. Use within 3 months. Serve with something fresh ideally. #planahead #cooknoweatlater #cooksmarternotharder #lowcarb #paleo #keto #wapf #easymeals #stockup #buildyourlarder #cookyourownfood #eatwelltolivewell #spring #5hourslater #lotsoffood #grassfedbeef #organic