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  • There is something so incredibly refreshing about Mexico that I never experience in the states and that is the freedom of being that is part of life here. For example, it’s normal and acceptable to set up a card table and sell slices of cake or sell tacos out of a cooler out of the back of your truck or to sell some grilled chicken on the street or to sell some homemade smoothies from your little table on the corner. This would never fly in the states as we have mountains of rules and regulations of why this could not happen. Tonight at dinner a dog came and sat by our table the whole night. The waitress eventually came and asked us if we were finished with the dog. Such an amusing question. There are fruit trucks rolling by announcing their fruit for sell on a loud speaker and other trucks announcing the seafood they have for sell. And other trucks announcing it’s trash day and remember to take out your trash. All these things make me smile and laugh. Life is so alive here. We ate the most incredible street tacos for only $3.00 which happened to be the best meal here.  Along with the freedom and totally relaxed vibe is the down side of dog poop on the streets, cracked and uneven sidewalks, holes in the streets, poverty, water that’s not clean enough to drink, crime, drug lords. Can there be a balance between the sterile lonely and often isolated world of the states and the rich vibrant community of Mexico? Grateful for travel and how it opens my eyes to new realities and possibilities. #ilovetravel #grateful #ilovemexico #thankfulforcontrast #mexico #heartopening #streetfood #tacos #carnitas #greenjuice #lotsofginger #violaclearfire #oreganooil #travelisthebesteducation
  • Flowers of’s heavenly to be in two of my favorite places in one month - Hawaii and Central Western Mexico. Both of these places are on the same latitude and have much of the same weather and flowers and plant life. Plumeria, hibiscus, ginger flowers and more similarities between these two distant lands than I would have ever noticed before. I think this latitude suits me. I went to Hawaii for a Life Coach Training and to Mexico for a life changing retreat. Look forward to being home for a while! #lovemylife #mykindoflatitude #mexico #sayulita #centralmexico #ocean #plumeria #flowersofmexico #healing #massage #innerjourneys #plantmedicine #rest #eat #retreat #doitagain
  • Huichol indian man selling his incredible art. This art takes a long time to make as it consists of making jewelry or other beautiful objects with tiny little beads. Quite a meditation.  There are few indigenous people left in the world and this is one of a small tribe living in central western Mexico in the Sierra Madre mountains. I bought some simple earrings from a Huichol woman and she said it took her a whole day to make them. They cost me $7.00.  I love travel as it opens my eyes to how others life and the beautiful simplicity of family, good food and community that is all that is needed to make so many happy.
  • In case you’ve been wondering where these guys are, they are all here in Sayulita hanging out ...with me:)) #sayulita #artists #vangogh #salvidordali #frida #hemmingway #picasso #retreat #massage #healing #innerexploration #mexico #ilovemexico
  • Thanks to my amazing generous sister @lyndie1946 who bought me this beautiful painting on our last day and last hour on the Big Island after one of the most magical days (and trips) of my life. With a few hours remaining of our last day, we cruised down south in our awesome Mustang convertible and paddled hard and fast to the Captain Cook monument. We had to get there and back before dark and also before our flight! It was a mile paddle each way but somehow the wind was at our back (thanks Dad) and we got there so fast. Wild dolphins were jumping along the way and when we finally arrived, we jumped off our boats and snorkeled amongst gorgeous colorful fish. And then the rainbow. The huge incredible rainbow with the sunset. Wow, what a day. I had been admiring this painting at Annie’s where we stopped for a bite before our flight and my sister insisted on buying it for me knowing it was something I had to have. Thank you to my wise and big hearted sister. I’m so lucky to have shared this journey with you! Our first of many soul sister trips together!! Love you forever! #sisters #bonded #hawaii #bigisland #captaincook #dolphinsjumping #sacredocean #snorkeling #tropicalfish #anniesburgers #kayaking #lifecoach #soulpainting #soulsisters #love
  • What to do when you are stuck in traffic due to yet another music festival in Austin, TX and have an obsession with essential oils? Get a car essential oil diffuser! Love my new Iris diffuser from DoTerra. I’m diffusing some rosemary EO which is great for mental concentration and memory. This will help me remember how to get home while staying focused:)). Plus my car now smells amazing! #essentialoilobsession #doterra #diffuser #rosemary #lovemyvwtdi #austintx #aclfest
  • My last big cooking job. Sometimes you need a witness when you make a big change in your life and so I am telling all of you as my witnesses that I am letting go of cooking for big events, conferences, camps, big parties, etc forever. This was my last drive over the Frio river to the place where I have cooked for hundreds of kids and recently adults for the last 6 years. While this work has often been rewarding getting to touch lives with delicious, nourishing food, more than that it’s exhausting and depleting. I became very clear on the job last weekend that it was my last one as I am no longer okay with doing work that stresses me out or makes me feel rushed and frenzied. That may have been okay and normal at one time in my life but it is no longer acceptable for me for my peace, health and well being. Good bye cooking for large groups of people. Hello Nutrition  consulting and Life Coaching! What work no longer serves you that you are ready to release?